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"The Best Video Codec For Windows Media Player"

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I have seen others say K-Lite is more for the newbies but I have used others and I still think K-Lite Mega Codec is the best codec for Windows Media Player. It allows you to choose to install the codecs for Windows Media Player instead of using Media Player Classic. So with this codec installed you can watch just about any movie or video on Windows Media Player and it not cost you a dime.

The downside is the setup can confuse some people. You could very easily remove features you need and/or add features you don't really want.

However being free and adding so much to Windows Media Player, it is recommened anyone who uses Windows Media Player, use K-Lite Mega Codec Pack.

  • Adds Codecs To Windows Media Player
  • Choose Between Media Player Classic And Windows Media Player
  • Free
  • Can Be Confusing To Configure
  • Updated More Than A Lot Would Like

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11 Jul 2010

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